About Lumus Imaging

Formerly known as Healthcare Imaging Services, Lumus Imaging harnesses all of the knowledge and expertise we have gained over the last 30 years and combines it with the empathy and care of our people.

Our values

Our core values includes being "Better Together" – acknowledging and recognizing contributions, upholding "Total Accountability," and embodying "The Right Answers" through a collective pursuit of excellence and truth. We also continuously "Seek New Possibilities," driven by curiosity and a commitment to advancing well-being.

Our workforce

Our team of radiographers, sonographers, nuclear medicine technologists, nurses, centre support staff, as well as our network of independent radiologists make up our 2000 diagnostic imaging experts and support staff across 149 sites right around the country.

Serving our community

At Lumus Imaging, we are committed to affordable, accessible, and timely diagnostic services to the communities of Australia.