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A diverse, high performing portfolio

For over 30 years, Healius has led the way in supporting quality, affordable and accessible healthcare for all Australians. Healius has leading market positions and scalable platforms in its diagnostic businesses, along with a growth platform in Australian clinical research where demand is expected to growing the coming years. With a continued focus on margin improvement, organic growth and investment in information technology infrastructure, Healius represents an exciting opportunity for investors both now and in the future.

A formidable industry presence nationwide

Healius is one of the country's largest pathology providers, with one in every three pathology samples taken and tested in our laboratories. Our diagnostic imaging business provides approximately three million exams each year, operating from over 140 sites Australia-wide based in public and private hospitals, medical centres and community sites.

The healthcare industry continues to develop with a strong underlying demand

This development is influenced by trends in:

  • On-going population and life expectancy growth
  • Improving survival rates from common diseases and improving treatment options
  • Emergence of new diseases and pandemics
  • Increasingly informed and empowered consumers demanding better ways of accessing healthcare when, where and how they want it
  • Private health insurers and government looking for more cost efficient methods of surgery and healthcare delivery
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and big data analysis
  • Government

This is why the core of Healius’ strategy is to support the delivery of good health outcomes for patients and attractive investment and growth opportunities for our shareholders.