Our commitment

As part of an ongoing commitment to our shareholders, Healius' Board of Directors is dedicated to creating and maintaining high standards of Corporate Governance. This is key component to consistently delivering shareholder value. As a result, Healius' Board works within an accountable system that includes corporate governance policies and practices and risk management processes. These are designed to promote and strengthen Healius' responsible management and corporate code of conduct.

Furthermore Healius' Corporate Governance Statement outlines the main features of our governance framework reporting against the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th edition) ("ASXCGC Recommendations") as published by the ASX Corporate Governance Council ("Council"). This Corporate Governance Statement summarises Healius' compliance with the ASXCGC Recommendations. Where Healius' Board considers that a Council recommendation is not appropriate to its particular circumstances, this Corporate Governance Statement will explain why it has not adopted the recommendation.

Governance documents