About Healius Pathology

Healius’ Pathology division is one of Australia’s leading providers of private medical laboratory and pathology services. 
Healius Pathology operates ~100 medical laboratories and ~2,000 patient collection centres across metropolitan, regional and remote Australia.

What is pathology?

Pathology is a medical speciality that focuses on determining the cause and nature of diseases and is integral to the health of all Australians.70% of all medical decisions and 100% of cancer diagnoses rely on a pathology test. Healius’ mission in pathology is todeliver accurate and timely diagnostic services Australia-wide.

Our workforce

Healius Pathology employs around 280 specialist pathologists and over 7,600 dedicated scientists, laboratory technicians, phlebotomists and team members.

Serving our community

Each year, it provides one in every three pathology services in Australia, extending from exclusively servicing some of Australia’s largest and most complex private and public hospitals to small and remote Australian Aboriginal communities.