Our Businesses

Our Businesses


Pathology is a medical specialty that focuses on determining the cause and nature of diseases and is integral to the health of all Australians. In fact, 70% of all medical decisions and 100% of cancer diagnoses rely on a pathology test. Healius’ mission in pathology is to deliver accurate and timely diagnostic services Australia-wide.

Medical Centres

Healius partners with over 1,500 independent General Practitioners, Dentists, Specialists and other Healthcare Practitioners who address both acute and chronic conditions in their patients.

Health & Co

Health & Co is the brand under which Healius is building a network of established General Practitioners practices.

Diagnostic Imaging

Advancements in diagnostic imaging are opening up new realms of possibilities for detecting and treating disease. Healthcare Imaging Services employs the latest technologies to provide affordable, accessible and quality imaging for all patients.

Day Hospitals

Healius offers patients a choice of fully accredited day hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and professional staff.

Our Network

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