Healius, through Specialist Diagnostic Services and its brands, is one of Australia's largest pathology service providers.


A vital medical specialty, pathology determines the cause and nature of diseases through the analysis and testing of body tissue and fluids. 

Each year our SDS Pathologists, Scientists and Support Team Members analyse and report on over 15 million patient cases from samples collected in our 2,000-plus collection centres.

SDS's household names in each state are:

  • QML Pathology – Queensland and Northern NSW
  • Laverty Pathology – New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
  • Dorevitch Pathology – Victoria
  • TML Pathology – Tasmania
  • Abbott Pathology – South Australia
  • Western Diagnostics Pathology – Western Australia and Northern Territory

SDS offers a range of specialist services for its referring Medical Practitioners and their patients including in:

  • Gut and bowel diagnostics
  • Genomic diagnostics
  • Dermatopathology diagnostics

SDS also offers diagnostic pathology services to veterinarians in WA, NT, NSW, ACT, QLD, TAS and VIC, with main laboratories in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


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