Healius partners with over 1,500 independent General Practitioners, Dentists, and Specialists through a network of large-scale, medical centres. Healius also operates imaging facilities in its own medical centres, hospitals and community locations; this is in partnership with over 120 independent radiologists through Healthcare Imaging and its brands.

All these partners have access to Healius’s wide range of professional and support services, top-class facilities and on-going education and training. These advantages mean that healthcare professionals are able to focus on the provision of quality care for patients, enjoy flexible work arrangements within collaborative multi-disciplinary teams, and be recognised for the value they bring to the community.

If you would be interested in discussing a career with Healius as a Specialist please contact:
NSW, SA and WA

Steve Jones
M: 0410 258 053  E: Steve.Jones@healius.com.au


Kim Pryce-Lunt
M: 0466 486 983  E: kim.pryce-lunt@healius.com.au